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Penny Schneider is a Long Island, New York based author illustrator who has been doodling her entire life.  If you asked her what her dream job was as a child, her answer would be a girl Walt Disney.  Her love of art and making children laugh and happy is what led her to her career as an art educator.  


By day, Penny is a high school art teacher and by night, a superhero in sweatpants to her daughter, husband, and two rescue shih tzus.  Penny has been spinning stories to educate, entertain, and help her daughter navigate through life since she was young.  Through raising her daughter on unique tales and teaching in the classroom, Penny has realized the importance and power of books.  This knowledge is what began her journey and love of writing and illustrating children's books.  She loves to make things using any media you could think of, but if you asked her what her favorite would be, she would simply say a piece of paper and pencil.  Penny is a lover of nature, cooking with her many kitchen gadgets, going on hikes, and laughing with people she loves.      

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